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Alternative Themes

From Halo to Team Yankee, Star Wars to Gundam and more.

When I think of a better name for this section I shall rename it, but I felt “everything else that doesn’t fit into the other categories” didn’t quite cut it, even though accurate. Some hobbyists focus their entire energy one one topic or model range, honing their expertise model by model or creating a single stunning collection. I am not that hobbyist. Sorry. Although the worlds and background from Games Workshop are the ones I spend most time working on, I also dabble with other themes, like Star Wars, Infinity, modern warfare, or even just random miniatures from alternative studios because I like the look of them. This is the place where I post all of those things. The strange, fantastical, bizarre and unfamiliar worlds from the Exodite’s perspective in its travels. Or at least that’s how I like to think of them.

You could also just call it the “pot luck” section if you like. I also like to post random workshop stuff here too.

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On Parade

Past projects and personal pieces

If you are fortunate to have a dedicated hobby space, no matter how modest be sure to have at least some of your favourite miniatures on display where you can see them. It’s nourishing for the soul and especially if you have painted them as well. For me this hobby is all about escapism from the day to day and real world. Not because it’s especially terrible (although I’ll admit 2020 is a bit of a car crash), but because it helps our brains reset into a neutral or positive state.

I have a cabinet in my office where I display my favourite works, some of which I share in this blog. It doesn’t have to be quite as large or grand as this but I feel it’s important to keep some of your work where you can see it and benefit from all that effort. One of my guilty pleasures is seeing some of the innovative workspaces, displays, sometimes entire rooms and shrines to the hobby on social media others have created to be their personal sanctuaries. From time to time I may share some of the artefacts the Exodite brings back on its travels and the story behind them as there is always a tale to be told.

“The following are not art crimes: dry-brushing, airbrushing or applying pigments using your fingers. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

The Lost Exodite

“Painted miniatures always roll more sixes and the initial time a brand new model enters battle … it will die immediately and disappointingly. This is the way.”


“The only person who ever gets to determine ‘how you hobby’ is you. Nobody else gets to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. Enjoy what you do and celebrate your work, you earned it.”

The Lost Exodite
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