Imperial Fists Predator


I enjoyed painting the Damocles Command Rhino that much, I decided to paint an Imperial Fists Predator as well. When I indicated this was 'not' intended to be the start of another legion for Horus Heresy gaming, I may have been mistaken in that belief and underestimating the draw of the seventh legion. Imperial

Rout Storm Eagle


I was pre-warned by a number of friends that Forgeworld’s Storm Eagle kit could be a somewhat “challenging” build, especially getting the fuselage to align neatly. I really wanted to include one in my ‘Rout’ however

Sicaran Punisher


The Sicaran ‘Punisher’ is aptly named with its impressive high-speed rotary cannon. In the limited number of games I’ve used it in results have been mixed, but who cares when it just looks that intimidating

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