Victorix Magna is the second Warlord added to my Legio Mortis maniple and is built using the alternative kit. Whereas the Mortis Ventrum is armed with twin Volcano cannons and Apocalypse launchers, the Magna features the Sunfury plasma annihilator, carapace laser blasters and an Arioch power claw. Same as the first Warlord all weapon options are magnetised to make it simple to create different loadouts. In fact I’ve already swapped out the Magna’s ‘Sunfury’ for one of the Ventrum’s volcano cannons to test that out.

Having got the first couple of Warlord kits under my belt so to speak, I was a little more confident in the limitations of the leg and armour plate articulation. Whereas the Ventrum has its weight centred and appears placed to fire, I went for a steady striding pose for the Victorix Magna, emphasising the tonnage through the base effects and modelling the right foot in particular sinking into the ground. Game ready, but I’d still like to go back and add another atmospheric weathering pass plus of course the rest of the weapon and legio banners.

Between the two weapon frames there are now several different head option as well so it’s possible to really make each war engine appear unique. I had to use the classic influenced one however for the Magna as it celebrated the aesthetics of the original game’s first prototype model, which I thought was very cool.

Creating the base

To help make the mass of the god engine readable in the model, I partially sunk the feet into the groundworks. To achieve this I had to build the height up slightly using blue builders foam insulation sheet. This I cut into the required size with a hot wire cutter and then shaped into a natural looking  organic profile using sand paper. After working out the pose I dry-fitted the legs to the base and using a marker outlined the profile where the feet were to go. I cut away the foam to create a void for the feet to go into and then once happy all of the detailing and textures were added to cover up any foam underpinning.