Outwardly the Priests of Fenris appear barbaric, but beneath the layer of superstition and occult fetishes is an order who care for not only the legions spiritual but technological wellbeing. They are secretive, wary of outsiders and specialists in their sub-division. The Speaker of the Dead would be comparative to the roles a Chaplain and Apothecary would perform in other legions, so it was important both needed to be represented in the miniature.

The base for my Speaker is a blend of ‘The Master of Executions’ and ‘Wolf Lord Krom’, which give him the bear like bulk required for such a character. The left arm was a spare from the Deathsworn which helped create a nice link to the unit aesthetically.

Of all the characters I have so far created for my (to date) three heresy legion forces, the speaker of the dead has been by far my favourite. The Space Wolves were the very first tournament army I assembled for Warhammer 40,000 in 98′ and what I took to the UK GT final. It was therefore fitting that they were a faction I re-imagined for the horus heresy two decades later. Still a collection I’m adding to a unit at a time they remain one of my favourites to take into battle.

There are no wolves on Fenris, but there is the ‘headhunter’

Hvarl the red blade

Outside of Russ himself and Lord Gunn, Hvarl is one of the more iconic VIth legion Jarl’s and a superbly cool character. Forgeworld’s character series miniature has its pros and cons and although overall I like it and in fact have one to include in the army at some stage, I opted for a kit-bash version acquired from ‘Anvil of Konor’ to lead my VIth legion forces during a 2019 weekend narrative event.

The wolf accompanying Hvarl is one of the Hasslefree miniatures resin variants which I picked up some years ago at Salute in the hope I’d find a good use for it. I’m not disappointed.