Epic scale Marauder Destroyer

The Solar Auxilia Marauder Bombers are epic scale ordinance delivery specialists. I’ve included both patterns in my forces.

I currently have two flights painted, one in the Voss pattern scheme I also used on the Thunderbolts, the other a ‘Destroyer’ pattern Marauder painted to match the Lightnings and other Thunderbolt flight.

Epic scale Marauder Bomber in Voss pattern colours

I have not fixed the flight bases permanently, so should they become available for inclusion in the Solar Auxilia forces in Legions Imperialis I can swap them out. At the time of writing that isn’t certain as neither the Marauder or Avenger class aircraft feature in the Solar Auxilia lists for the Horus Heresy: Liber Imperialis book for Age of Darkness armies. But regardless I love the miniatures, so when they were released for Aeronautica Imperialis I snapped up a couple of boxes. It also helps they came in the star set.

The Destroyers tail gun rotates by design, a neat feature of the design, but I additionally magnetised the top turret on all the Marauders. There aren’t other turret options, I just did it for fun and rule of cool to make the miniatures even more interactive in games. Making “dakka dakka” noises while moving the turret is absolutely normal and indeed recommended.

There are currently two Marauders in each flight with more available to be included. I am simply waiting to see how things shape up with Legions Imperialis before I decide where to deploy them and in what paint scheme.