Legio Mortis, cognomen the Death’s Heads. Poster boys for Horus Lupercal’s betrayal of the Emperor and allied to Kelbor Hal, the Fabricator General of Mars. Also my favourite traitor titan legion for no other reason than they feature in virtually every major engagement during the heresy. They are also the easiest to pair up thematically in epic scale with other traitor legions and Knight household’s Makabius or Malinax. Two other palettes I really like.

The Opus Magnum is the first Reaver class I built for the new version of titanicus the one I discovered all of the challenging little gems the kit could offer. By that I mean check the instructions multiple times and really get to understand how each part of the leg can affect the placement of armour. Even with that and a less-than-dramatic pose I still couldn’t get the lower armour panels to line up perfectly. I’m happy how the Reaver turned out in the end, but learned a lot about the kit along the way which was helpful in future builds.

Magnets versus fixed weapons

I wanted to build this kit using all of the details included so other than the carapace weapon, the arm weapons are fixed in pace rather than magnetised. This let me use the power cables and feeds provided for the titans power fist and laser-blaster array in this instance. Something I’ve not done with the Ferrus Castigatus so I’ve access to all weapon options available across both Reaver kits. As you can see I’ve already swapped the carapce multi-launcher onto the Castigatus and fitted the Opus Magnum with a second laser blaster because one can never have too many lasers.

What’s next for Mortis?

That would be some agile and aggressive Warhound scout titans of course and just maybe the additional fire support of a nemesis class warbringer. This maniple is far from done.