Magnetised Fire Raptors

Unlike their bigger heresy counterparts, the Legions Imperialis Fire Raptors are a joy to assemble. They also come with three turret weapon options which is cool.

Magnetic mayhem

Magnetising all of the ball turrets so you can choose what loadouts you want is surprisingly simple. I glued a disk magnet to the inside of one of the hull parts behind the space where the ball turret would sit. The polarity isn’t important as this is the only magnet required. A single 5mm x 1mm rare earth magnet has sufficient pull. I then assembled each of the turrets with a small steel ball-bearing inside. This can be glued in place if the faint rattling bothers you, but isn’t that necessary as it can’t really move around much in the tiny space. Each of the turrets simply pops into its seat with a satisfying click as if by magic with no unsightly modifications needed.

Added bonus in the turrets also swivel in their mounts for extra cool factor!

Vth Legion Decals

Most of the transfers I used come from the Aeronautica and regular 40K legion transfer sheets. The other heresy and White Scar themed ones I made myself and printed on special waterslide transfer paper. This is not as difficult as it sounds, the only challenge is if you are using a coloured inkjet printer and clear paper, remember to seal the printed transfers with a varnish before use. Otherwise the ink will not be permanent. Other than that these worked a treat. Once applied I sealed them using gloss varnish before moving to the weathering stage.