Imperial Fists Damocles Command

The Imperial Fists Damocles Rhino is a hybrid kit, blending the original Forgeworld resin variant with the new kits tracks and re-tooled resin conversion set.

I chose a striking split scheme to make the side armour stand out from the legions yellow plate in a similar way to the Vindicator. I felt it gave the Damocles a unique profile and the impression of being a bit more armoured than a regular Deimos pattern Rhino. This is of course an illusion, but I liked the final effect.

Weathering was my usual mix of chipping, airbrushed atmospherics, oil streaks and pigments. The combination of which gives the tank a nicely grounded final finish. I painted the Damocles to try out an Imperial Fists scheme as not done one before, but this is not likely to be the last.