legion imperialis imperial fist bastion and heavy tank detachments

The core legion demi-company on its own is a fragile formation with a low break point. Filling the optional detachment slots with reinforcements is by far the best way to give the formation resiliency under fire. My initial add-ons include a Rapier battery and Tarantula sentries. They are an often overlooked selection, but have some really nasty tricks up their sleeve.

The Hyperios launchers are infantry (1) and not bulky. This means they can be deployed by Drop Pod or transported in Rhinos. Yes, you heard that right. Deep Striking a battery of automated sentry anti-air can give your opponents flyers an unexpected headache. Even in Rhino’s they can be deployed in reserve then ‘disembark’ at the end of an 18″ march order placing the battery well forward of your deployment line. They won’t be able to move without the assistance of the transports, but that’s not really the point.

The Rapiers ‘are’ bulky, but that still means you could sneakily drop a couple forward in an assault transport if you wanted to. Not sure it’s an effective strategy given the quads in particular have a decent range and don’t need line of sight having barrage special rule. But options are options.

Kratos heavy tank detachment for legions imperialis

Heavy Tank support

The optional armoured support slot I filled with an upgraded squadron of Kratos Heavy tanks. It’s a very expensive detachment, but with two wounds each and strong armour, the Kratos lends extra resilience, as well as a very capable weapons platform.

I learned from my mistake with the Blood Angels and this time equipped all units the same. I went for a mostly anti-armour configuration with las-cannon sponsons and battle cannon. The hull weapons are Kratos auto-cannons. A choice I made in the end so they weren’t completely mono-role. I mean, four las-cannons does look amazing (check out one of the Blood Angels Kratos to see what I mean), but it does limit their use a bit.

Bulking out the detachment I have

I will include them in a ‘full formation’ photo at a later date, but also added to increase the break point and make the demi-company more effective are a doubling-up of tactical squads in the core detachments, increasing missile and plasma support weapons, as well as increasing the Terminator support up to six squads (stands). The Blood Angels demi-company was also ‘significantly’ reinforced, but that’s the topic for another post.