White Scars Storm Eagle


White Scars Storm Eagle Another fantastic kit that first came out for Aeronautica Imperialis that I immediately tagged for use in Legion Imperialis/Epic. I have painted two in the colours of the White Scars as part of a planned ‘Siege of Terra’ themed force to provide the fifth legion with

Legio Astraman Dire Wolf


The Legio Astraman Dire Wolf ‘Umbra Ignis’ is based on the original Forgeworld kit. Recently, it was announced that these would be replaced by an all-new plastic kit for Legions Imperialis. However, since I already have a few of them in hand, I decided to add it to a fledgling

Imperial Fists Predator


I enjoyed painting the Damocles Command Rhino that much, I decided to paint an Imperial Fists Predator as well. When I indicated this was 'not' intended to be the start of another legion for Horus Heresy gaming, I may have been mistaken in that belief and underestimating the draw of the seventh legion. Imperial

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