Neverborn of Nurgle2023-05-19T19:12:29+00:00
Painted Warhammer Nurgle plague Beast
Contemptor Talon2023-05-19T19:06:55+00:00
Painted Contemptor Dreadnoughts in Ultramarine colours
Sicaran Venator2023-05-19T19:00:17+00:00
Painted Sicaran Venator in Ultramarine colours
Converted Ultramarines Scorpius missile tank for Horus Heresy game
Legion Vorax2023-05-19T16:16:05+00:00
Horus Heresy Vorax automata in Ultramarines colours
Caestus Assault Ram2023-05-19T16:09:55+00:00
Horus Heresy Caestus Assault Ram in Ultramarines colours
XIII Legion Rhinos2023-05-19T15:59:18+00:00
Ultramarines Legion Rhino
Cataphractii Squad2023-05-19T15:53:10+00:00
Games Workshop plastic Cataphractii Terminators in heresy era Word Bearers scheme
Word Bearers Vindicator2023-05-19T14:38:58+00:00
Forgeworld Vindicator in the colours of the seventeenth legion Word Bearers

“You brothers-such a nest of rivalries. I warned him to make you sisters, that it would make things more civilized. He thought I was joking, I wasn’t.”

Malcador the Sigillite

Knight Houses

Makabius sides with the Warmaster

Similar to 40K the Questoris Knights have their own rules and forces list within Age of Darkness. Originally I wanted to do a selection of loyalist/Imperial Knights that I could use across both gaming systems as some were present in both eras, in particular House Taranis which I really liked. I realised however that Taranis had an entirely different colour palette during the heresy than it has now in 40K. Typical. Instead I opted to go traitor instead and in particular Makabius, who not only have a fantastic palette to work with, but also happen to have affiliations with Legio Mortis and Mortarion’s Death Guard. Both of whom I collect for heresy and Titanicus respectively. So that panned out rather well as it happens.

Legiones Astartes

Faction schisms, loyalists, traitors and shattered legions make for a rich hobby vein to tap into.

Broadly speaking heresy forces are split by those forces still loyal to the emperor of mankind and those who turned traitor and declared for the warmaster. Delve a little deeper however and a much more nuanced picture begins to emerge which provides a rich background for creating narrative based forces for either faction. My own collection has already expanded way beyond an initial XIIIth legion ‘Ultramarines’ force to also include an insertion force of traitor ‘Word Bearers’ led by their Primarch Lorgar, daemons of the ruinstorm, Vlka Fenryka execution pack and more recently the beginnings of a VIIth legion Imperial Fists stone gauntlet. Those are without even casting my gaze beyond the legions to the Solar Auxilia, Mechanicum or Knight’s Errant.

Then of course, there’s Forgeworld’s diverse and challenging range of characters, weaponry and vehicles to get to grips with. Enough to keep me immersed in heresy’s background for years to come.