I really like the design of the Legion Imperialis order tokens that comes in the boxed set, but not the format of them which I find fiddly to use. The card stock is also pretty thin, so I can’t see them standing up to a lot of wear and tear over time. As with most games, I’m confident a third party market will spring up to satisfy the demand for bespoke or unique laser cut and etched acrylic tokens. However, I wanted to offer a solution for those like me who love the design of the printed ones, but need a more durable solution that doesn’t involve purchasing laser cutters or other hardware.


Adhesive clear epoxy bottle cap covers. This is an old trick I picked up from the ‘Infinity’ community back when I used to play their skirmish game. Infinity uses a lot of order and status effect tokens in game, which similar to the Legions Imperialis ones are supplied on thin pre-punched card stock. By sandwiching the order tokens in-between two of the adhesive clear epoxy domes a really tactile and cool looking set can easily be made.

The ones I had to hand were 1″ diameter as those matched the Infinity tokens, however if you want a closer fit to the imperialis tokens you can get 25mm ones. Both are readily available through the likes of Amazon or other online retailers. Just search for “clear epoxy resin dome stickers for bottle caps” or similar. If you weren’t using up pre-existing ones like I was, I would recommend getting the 25mm ones as they will look nicer I feel.

Whilst you could apply the clear epoxy dome to just one side to save money, I recommend covering both so it is fully double-sided. The epoxy domes have a slightly soft feel to them and handle like a cross between a poker chip and a glass pebble. They are also far easier to flip over having a curved surface both sides making them much more of a joy to game with. I loved these when I was using them in games of Infinity, so they immediately sprung to mind for a way to keep the order tokens that come with the game, but elevate them into something much nicer to handle.

They are also a lot more resilient, so there’s that.

Hope you found that helpful. I know there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with the base tokens in the boxed set, so I thought I’d find a way to make them into something cool instead.