We are almost into the final countdown before Legions Imperialis lands and I can get an actual copy in my hands. Beyond excited at this stage and really looking forward to fully resuming my ‘epic scale’ hobby journey in the new version of the game. I say new, but of course it’s more a re-imagining and polishing of what was old is new again, and I’m all for that. Titanicus turned out to be a really solid game with a fantastic range of tiny Knights and Titans (some of the latter, not so tiny!). I have equally high hopes for Legions Imperialis and the miniature range revealed to date for the Astartes and Solar Auxilia has not disappointed.

So what do I plan to spend the launch weekend doing?

Other than pawing through the rulebook, I will almost certainly start assembling a couple of detachments of Astartes to test out my chosen palette for the first formation. The Siege of Terra will be my primary focus for building forces in Legions Imperialis, at least for the first few months as the range fills out. I’ve made no secret of the fact the White Scars and Imperial Fists legions will feature strongly and some of these units, where I’ve been able to work on them in advance have already been added to the galleries right here.

In fact a trio of new photos have been added this week for both the White Scars Thunderhawks and a Warlord Titan of Legio Astraman previously shown on my Instagram account some weeks back.


With both of the palettes worked out for the Fists and Scars, I’ve decided that the legion I will focus on for the initial games will be the Blood Angels, and that’s where I will start building up my loyalist forces. To date I have only painted Blood Angels in Warhammer 40,000 and not Heresy. However that palette I think will translate to epic scale just fine. I guess I will find out over the course of the next week!

The Solar Auxilia I am still playing around with ideas in my head. Although I have a scheme and background in mind, I can’t quite lock it down until I’ve done a few testers. I also need to concentrate of the Blood Angels as I need to get them game ready to 1000 points over the festive break, ready for gaming in the new year.


Whilst waiting, I’ve added a pair of tiny Arvus Lighters to the flightline ready to taxi some unlucky Solar Auxilia straight to forward operations and into the thick of the action. Small, unarmed but adorably cute, these tiny transports are pretty much the only airborne taxi available (currently) for the Solar Auxilia. Still some work to do before they are ready for deployment, but as a quick build and paint project they were ideal to add to the workbench.

Legions Imperialis Arvus Lighter

Site update

Good news! I have made some sweeping changes to the way the site is organised. Partly in preparation for launching back into Epic and the heresy, but mostly because it was long overdue. This should make finding post content and images of the miniatures I have been working on easier to find. I have also simplified the navigation and menu to the blog itself and three galleries; Horus Heresy, Titanicus and Legions Imperialis. There will be some overlap of Titanicus galleries into Imperialis as Titans and Knights get to rampage in both of course (lucky them!). As I add more ground units to my formations over time then this will become less noticable.

All in all done so I can spend more time actually hobbying and posting and less time tinkering with WordPress. That’s a win in my book.