New units have been added to the portfolio section over the past week for the Morning Stars Dire Wolf and a flight of White Scars Xiphons.

This month has been the most fun I’ve had in the hobby since Epic 2nd edition and Armageddon. Both firm favourites with me for different reasons. I even re-discovered my old epic second edition rule books, army detachment cards (they really were a big thing!) and all my old tokens. I don’t know how much practical use they will be in the new version of the game, but I may sneak a few back into circulation like the original objective markers.

epic second edition cards

Warhammer Community have put everyone on  notice that there will be some new miniatures on show this week for Legions Imperialis. Can’t wait to see what is revealed next, so far I’ve absolutely loved the look of the new range. The photo of the new plastic frames gave a good impression how many will be in the box and they even managed to sneak in a cheeky shot of the Rhino into the article, which hadn’t seen up to now.

The tiny scale heresy train has no breaks either, I’ve added another war engine to the workbench for Legio Astraman. No sooner had I completed the Dire Wolf than I felt the urge to start building a Reaver. I’ve been using this to take progress photos for a series of techniques guides, the first being how I do my Mechanicum metals. Keep an eye out for part two on weathering as I progress the build as I’ve a feeling this ones going to come out a bit special.

Next up

I’ll be focussing on the Reaver build shown earlier, plus another couple of flyers over the next week or so. I’m hoping by then we will have a few more details  about the game, and particularly how force selection works. That will help me plan out what to work on next. If now, there’s always terrain to consider!

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