Todays heresy update is the Imperial Fists Predator I’ve been steadily painting on and off the past couple of weeks.

I held off doing the final weathering stage until the Dire Wolf and White Scars flyers had caught up so I could do all the weathering at same time, for efficiency of course. The latter two units will be added to the site this weekend, so watch out for those as the photos came out really nicely, especially for the Xiphon flight.

Full images and details for the seventh legion tank can be found on it’s portfolio page: Imperial Fists Predator

Not sure at this stage what the next unit will be for the Fists, I’ve a few I would like to do, including a mighty Kratos. For now though I plan to turn my attention back  to epic scale and see what other units I could get ready for the games re-launch in August.