The latest addition to my growing war engine collection is the Nemesis Warbringer ‘Ferrum Vulcanus’.

Legio Astraman

The Warbringer class is the first engine I have painted for “The Morning Stars” legio, and it definitely won’t be the last. If you want to see more pictures and learn more about the scheme, you can find more on the engines portfolio page.

Legio Astraman Titan for Legions Imperialis

More Astraman engines are in the building stage, including a Dire Wolf. I figure I really should get at least one of them built and painted before the replacement plastic kit is released (See Warhammer Community for details). The up-gunned little ambusher is on the workbench being primed already so hopefully this one won’t take as long until it’s ready to walk.

In the news

Another exciting Warhammer Community post has been released, showcasing some incredibly cool terrain, tiles, and fortifications. If those tiles turn out to be plastic kits like the Zone Mortalis tiles, I may never financially recover from this!

Click on the link here to jump to the Warhammer Community page, but do be sure come back to check out the portfolio page for Ferrum Vulcanus and its ridiculously oversized banner!

More soon.