Just added to the gallery pages are a veritable air-raid of epic scale Solar Auxilia aircraft I’m hoping to use in Legions Imperialis.

There’s no denying my epic-gene is fully re-activated and I’ve been clearing entire shelves in the cabinets ready for working on the latest incarnation of the game when Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis comes out in August this year. None of these are new miniatures as all were painted for Aeronautica Imperialis. However as you can probably tell from the squadron schemes I always had one eye on using them in the Horus Heresy. Rather than work on some of my legacy collection over the coming weeks, I felt it would be better to focus on units I know, or are confident will be immediately transferrable into the game. Obvious candidates are any of my existing Titanicus and non-xenos Aeronautica Imperialis models.

I am currently working on flights of White Scars and Imperial Fists aircraft, which will form part of a ‘Siege of Terra’ themed campaign force. In addition to expanding on loyalist and traitor knight households and engine maniples.

Epic scale Marauder Destroyer

I have already added all the miniatures featured here into the gallery. This will become the main body of my painted miniatures for the Horus Heresy (in all its scales!) featured on my site. You can find out more by checking out the ‘Solar Auxilia’ project tag. I will be adding more over time as new units are completed and added to the gallery.

For now Titanicus has its own page and summary, however as Legion Imperialis begins to fill up once the game is released and I paint up detachments, I will likely unite the two under a single page. You will still be able to search for what you want using the project and category tags to seek out your favourite specific units, war engines, factions or category types.

I won’t just be focussing on gaming miniatures either. I have an entire backlog of hobby and scenery projects which will be getting some love in the lead up to and beyond the games launch. Feel free to get in touch via my Facebook or Instagram pages.

Warhammer Community have also recently just posted another preview of Legion Imperialis, this time taking a magnifying glass to the scale differences between Age of Darkness and epic scale. You can read it right here: A closer look at the miniatures

I mean, at this stage the puns are practically writing themselves! Follow the Facebook Page or Instagram for latest updates.