I Finally got Necromunda campaign week one organised. House Delaque versus House Escher.

I aim to turn this into an ongoing series of games—a chance to have some fun, roll dice, and relax with a mate. It also provides the perfect excuse to paint more Necromunda gangers, hired guns, and scenery, simply for the sheer joy of it.

For our first game, I wanted to shake off the cobwebs and set the scene. Since my friend is new to Necromunda, I decided to bench the Goliaths for now. This allowed us to start the campaign with freshly rolled starting gangs. Kev chose House Delaque, while I opted to field the House Escher gang known as the ‘Bonaventure Harpies,’ which I’ve been painting on and off over the past few weeks.

We rolled ‘Ambush’ as the starting mission, and I gained home turf advantage as Delaque chose to be the attacker. Their objective was to destroy the Harpies’ secret stash located in the rust-waste pump complex.

Being the covert masters of misdirection that they are, Delaque struck from all directions. Luckily, the alarm went up quickly. Between Maxima Lux and Ashoma, I was able to slow down Kev’s Nach Ghul and Phantom until reinforcements could arrive. Faye, my chem-thrower armed specialist, managed to unleash one brief torrent before being unceremoniously webbed by Sela, Kev’s webgun armed Ghost. She remained webbed almost until the end of the skirmish, effectively out of the fight. Eventually, Lady Olana lent her support and broke free from the sedative coated mesh.

Twin-set Pearl and Little Akii valiantly defended the stash, managing to take down one of the Delaque Shadows. However, both were eventually taken out of action by the master of shadows. Pearl went into recovery, so I guess she won’t take part in the next fight.

By now, I was able to call on the first reserve, my gang Queen Kamina Tal. I brought her in, flanking two of the Shadows. Making the charge, she quickly dispatched the first one with her toxin-coated stiletto knife. The second followed swiftly. With Ashoma picking off the other Ghost, Delaque calculated the odds of success and opted to retreat back into the shadows, bottling out and taking their wounded with them.


Post game results

I got lucky with the injury table, as only Pearl required recovery. Kev had two fighters go into recovery, one with a lasting movement injury, but the rest were just out cold. Neither of us managed to complete our intrigues, although there were some amusing ones in play. I came close to completing ‘stitch them up.’ Due to the rackets we started with, our income yield was poor, so both of us will struggle to grow our gangs during the expansion phase. I’ll observe how this unfolds in the next few games.

The racket I gained for holding on to win was ‘Ghast Prospecting.’ My fighters have had mixed results in the past when on Ghast, but even when things go south, it never fails to be entertaining. I also welcomed a new sister, ‘Pris,’ to the Harpies. Hopefully, she can fill Pearl’s role in the troupe while she recovers from her injuries.

We haven’t set a date for the next fight yet, but hopefully, it won’t be too long.

Other hobby

Despite harping on how much I desired a fully plastic Deimos kit for the Horus Heresy, I am still making the old Forgeworld hybrid resin/plastic versions. This only because I still have three of them in the stash, so irony aside, I assembled one of them over the weekend. I’m paring it with the recently re-tooled Forgeworld upgrade kit to make a Damocles command Rhino. This will not be for one of my existing legions, so follow the blog for more details as get the colours down.

Did I do the interior? Naturally, I can’t not at this stage. You can read more on why and how I do the interiors here: Painting vehicle interiors.

I have a plan to paint this one quickly, not specifically for a game, but simply because I’ve been eager to experiment with the palette of this particular legion ever since I first got into Heresy gaming. Wish me luck!