A new house enter the Underhive this week, Delaque. Or at least my take on the most secretive of Necromunda houses.

Welcome, new prospects

Before diving into that, let’s discuss my expanding Goliath gang, the ‘Rust Plate Pact.’ They have grown significantly since I first started them. The gang’s ranks have swelled with new Juves and Forgeborn. Mad Jack now wields a matching pair of twinned pulverisers, which he seems quite fond of based on recent games. Hotshot has also joined the party, bringing his rivet cannon and a penchant for setting anything remotely flammable ablaze, and even a few things that probably shouldn’t be.

Recruits have been sourced from both new and old miniatures, with the latter appearing quite small compared to the current range. I was thrilled to stumble upon some of the older Goliath models in a bits box. The gang has even garnered the patronage of one of the hive guilds, as well as an Ambot, which was acquired with hard-earned coin.

I am currently working on painting a range of hangers-on that can be utilized across multiple gangs. The first addition is a ‘Slopper,’ as recovery time in Necromunda can be a hindrance. Any assistance in getting out-of-action gang members back into the fight is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Rust Plate Pact and their endeavors in the underhive.

Underhive transport

With my gang size expanding rapidly and the growing number of hangers-on and bounty hunters, I needed a better solution for transporting them between games. The small figure case I had been using just wasn’t cutting it anymore, especially when I added in dice, cards, and other gaming aids. So, I devised a better solution: a cheap pluck foam tool case with a non-stick metal baking sheet attached to the base. Yes, seriously.

For the past few years, I have been magnetizing the bases of my Horus Heresy armies to make use of magnetic carry cases when attending events. Extending the same approach to my Necromunda collection seemed like a logical choice. However, I didn’t want to lug around a large transport case every time I went to the club or a friend’s house for a fight night.

This case turned out to be a perfect solution. It provides ample space, even for my largest gangs, and has room for all the extra gear such as dice, tokens, and campaign decks. During transport, the miniatures are securely magnetized to the base, and when it’s time to play, they can be easily lifted out.

Even when I store the case on shelving, I don’t have to worry about the models sliding around between games. Whenever I start a new campaign, I simply swap out the gang for the models I’ll be using in that particular game.

At some point, I plan to give the transport case its own unique colors to make it more characterful. I’m thinking of something in the style of the Underhive, with weathering effects and a touch of creativity. That’s going to be a fun project.

And finally…

Exciting news for me, and hopefully for you too, I’ve made significant investments in site hosting, software, and camera equipment over the past week. This means that I can continue to provide dedicated hosting and an ad-free experience for visitors for at least another year. The new camera, in particular, is a huge leap in quality. While it will take some time to master, the Delaque feature image in this post was taken as a test without any setup, and it already looks impressive. This gives me great confidence that I can improve the quality of photos here on the site and on my Instagram account. Exciting times ahead!

In addition, I’m reorganizing the content to provide a better foundation for future updates. I have a backlog of miniatures I’ve painted over the past year that haven’t been shared here or on my Insta account, and my first task will be to fix that.

Welcome back, and stay tuned for more updates!