Necromunda is probably one of my all-time favourite Games Workshop games. And yet even though I own a copy of the re-launched boxed set I’ve yet to assemble a gang or play even a single game. Why?

The short answer is I have been holding out for a faction or setting that really pushes all my creative buttons before I dive in. That’s not to say the game doesn’t have those already, it does. Necromunda has no shortage of characterful gangs, environments and if it’s anything like the original a great backstory. I had a House Delaque* gang back then and came so so close to starting afresh with the new plastics which are totally smashing it design wise. But you know how things are, there are legions to fill for heresy, war engines to walk for Titanicus and all the time Necromunda kept releasing more and more new factions and background books, so I never really found the time to get into it with a starter gang.

There was also the roadmap Specialist Games published a year or so ago which strongly hinted at new locations being introduced in the future. Locations that were ‘not’ in the primary hive. Outside locations. Yeah, now I am suddenly very interested because this opens up a whole new level of hobby possibilities and an ideal point to get back into Necromunda. Also, vehicles. You know I like vehicles right?

The “Ash Wastes” reveal is exactly the setting I have been holding out for and has the potential to really expand Necromunda an order of magnitude in terms of campaign and narrative scope. As a hobbyist this is rich and fertile territory for the imagination (no pun intended) so I’m really looking forward to seeing the direction Specialist Games take the game in. This has so much potential in my humble opinion, and I’m not just talking about the giant-flea-riding ash waste Nomads** or Orlock prospector gang Quads. The scope for creating some unique characters and locations just grew exponentially, especially the flora, fauna and myriad ways your prospects are probably not going to make it through the next season.

Yeah. I’m in.

Adepticon Ash Wastes reveal on Warhammer Community

*I still have some of the metal Delaque gangers somewhere. I think they may have been paint stripped so … opportunity.

**Oh yes, I am totally going to paint some flea riders. Not even an option.

I was there the day Horus slew the Emperor…

Warhammer The Horus Heresy logo reveal from Adepticon

That other reveal

It isn’t like we didn’t know it was going to come eventually given it leaked nearly a year ago. The new logo was a bit of a huge hint, but finally Warhammer: The Horus Heresy is officially in the wild and I for one am thrilled. Why didn’t I lead with that given my love for all things heresy related? I guess it has been so long in the making it comes as more of a relief than a fanfare.

There’s a lot to unpack and get excited about of course, not least confirmation the rules will be an evolution of the existing ‘Age of Darkness’ rather than a wholesale lean into to whatever 40K does these days. The return to plastics for many core units, including some vehicles (looking at you Spartan). Oh please for the love of Terra a fully plastic Deimos pattern Rhino core kit, I mean it’s getting frankly ridiculous now the number of plastic/resin hybrid Deimos I’ve built and painted the past several years.

The cinematic trailer was a nice touch with more than a few easter eggs hidden in plain sight. I look forward to seeing how the new Mk VI kit sizes up against the existing Mk III and IV plastics and as more details are revealed closer to launch I’ll consider how to integrate them into my existing legions.

Like the Ash Wastes above, full details of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy can be found on Warhammer Community.

There was of course quite a few more reveals for other games (honorable mention to the Norse Blood Bowl team!), but these two were the ones that got my hobby juices pumping. Anyway, break over, back to the backlog.

Until next time.