Another Legio Solaria Warhound Titan adds “Sola Bestia” and the Princeps Majoris to the maniple. The third of my Solaria Warhounds is where I begin to switch up the armour scheme. Give each its own character. “Sola Bestia” and her sister engine, “Canis Hastam” feature a split carapace and leg armour motif. This was so I could make more use of red in the palette. It additionally introduces some ivory and black stripes for interest and contrast.

A theme I carried over onto both the Reaver and Warlord. It helped pull together the overall appearance of the battlegroup and I was glad I did. The variety of markings is one aspect I love about war engines in Titanicus, and feel many hobbyists have really leaned into it.

Volkite on Solaria all day long

I know the Volkite Eradicator weapon options on both the Warhound and Reaver chassis have been reviewed as a bit lack-lustre for the points. Although I’m inclined to agree, I did find them fun to run with the ‘void breaker’ trait which forced my opponent to roll additional void saves against hits. Just added a bit of extra spice. The weapon itself looks absolutely stunning, especially with the burnishing effects on the shroud.

Weapon banners

Work began on the banners at this point an, although I didn’t want to go overboard putting them on every weapon option, I did want to make them look at least a little weathered. The banners I created using Photoshop. The text actually relates to the legion and includes the legio ‘motto’. It’s the little details that makes the hobby so much fun in my book.

I printed the text onto clear decal printer paper and sealed it with a gloss varnish. The banners themselves I hand-painted onto printer paper, varnished and then applied the custom water-slide transfers. Even though they are on paper this is easily achievable without tearing the transfers, or soaking the paper too much. It just took a little practice to nail the look.

Once in place I sealed them with another coat of gloss varnish and mounted onto thin brass rod. Finally, after shaping I finished with an ultra-matte varnish and weathered each using pigment washes and thinned contrast paints. This was my go to for all the banners in the battlegroup, but I’ll talk about the process again in more detail when I get to the Warlord and Reaver back banners as, these were a little more involved. Also wickedly good fun to make!

That’s it, three Warhounds down and only one to go … “Canis Hastam”, which I’ll cover in a future post.