This is the Solaria engine that captures the mottled green really well in my opinion. I embarked on the creation of the Solaria Warhound Titan, named ‘Eius Gloriosum,’ well over a year ago as a palette test for the Legio. At that time, I only painted a mottled green on a single carapace as a preliminary step. Back then, the war engine didn’t have a name or even a complete model. However, I already had four warhounds in mind from the very beginning. Alongside her sister engine, ‘Deus Lucis,’ these were the first two miniatures I assembled for Solaria. Together, they served as the foundation for the rest of the battlegroup, dictating palette choices, techniques, and basing.

My primary objective when starting Solaria was to capture the mood of the artwork in the color plates as faithfully as possible. While I wasn’t concerned about replicating the dapple effect, I aimed to achieve the perfect green and red tones. Consequently, I opted for a dull iron color for the trim, deviating from my usual preference for bass.

The textures and colors for the bases had already been somewhat predetermined by my choices for Mortis. Although I briefly contemplated a different palette to align with the Beta-Garmon theme, the idea of placing Solaria at the ‘Siege of Terra’ as a loyalist counterpart to my Mortis battlegroup proved too enticing to ignore. Thus, I utilized similar ash, earth, and rust tones on cracked and arid groundworks, with the remnants of shattered habs protruding like teeth from ruined gums.

Mercury Exultant Kill Zone

The Terra environment where Solaria operated was a desolate wasteland, filled with leveled habs and manufactorums. Dorn had transformed it into a killzone by demolishing hives beyond the Mercury Wall, while Shard Bastion and other defenses provided cover.

To recreate the effects of the toxic and corrosive rains on the remnants of the leveled zone, I used rust pigments and effects. However, I wanted to avoid any confusion with Mars, so I limited the use of orange and instead introduced ash grey, bone, and neutral earth tones. I achieved the desired textures by combining Vallejo texture paints with Games Workshop cracked earth technical paint effects.

Initially, I airbrushed Scale colour earth tones, although any earth colors would work. I simply prefer the matte finish of these paints. Next, I meticulously worked the pigments into the texture and sealed them with a pigment fixer, followed by a light coat of ultra-matte varnish.

The first Warhound is done, next up will be her sister, the “Deus Lucis”