There is no avoiding the elephant in the room, hobby hit an all-time low for me as I left 2020 behind and looked forward to a new year. There are plenty of reasons; having to adjust to increased work demands, lockdown pressures but ultimately it boils down to just plain lack of motivation in the current climate. So what am I going to do about that?

It’s hard sometimes to find motivation when there is none, but I took a bit of time to reflect on the stuff I enjoyed doing most and what was driving me to feel burned out. What I realised is I was trying to spread myself too thin across too many games, collections and themes in the vain hope that one would magically re-kindle my passion to paint. But it really doesn’t work that way when it isn’t highest priority on your day to day list.

The good news however is things are in a much better place right now for me personally, whilst at the same time having a little less freedom (time) to do as much as I may have once liked. That means I need to be a bit more considered which parts of the hobby I primarily spend my time on and as a result I’ve narrowed my scope somewhat. I’ve also drawn a line under the old dropship domains, it just felt the right time to move on.

There are some cool positives though which may help get the creative juices flowing, not least amongst them an all new plastic God Engine kit joining the family in the form of the ‘Warmaster’. Whilst I may not have been painting or visible as much over social media, I have been toiling away over the winter months quietly assembling a modest production line of war engines and supporting Knights ready for their legio and household colours once I decide what they should be. The release of the Warmaster, legio book and another new maniple bundle, an incredibly well-priced maniple bundle in fact is encouraging that there’s plenty of support still being shown for the game. Long may that continue and it might just be the booster I need to get back on the hobby horse.

Figuratively speaking of course.