Adding a maniple of murder bots to my Legion forces. These Ultramarines Legion Vorax automata remind me so much of the old Titanicus (Epic) scale ‘Crusader’ robots. That’s probably why I felt compelled to add a maniple of them to my collection. These kits are fantastic, primarily due to the high level of poseability they offer. Unlike the automata found within the ranks of the Mechanicum, these Vorax automata are authorized hunter-killers assigned to the legion and operate under the control of a Consul Praevian.

I wanted to fully utilize the articulation of the Vorax models, portraying them as loping pack hunters, hunched low with rotor cannons and head sensors scanning for targets. Among them, my favorite was the one depicted leaping over a resin Dragon’s Tooth tank trap, an old terrain piece from Forgeworld that I found in a bits box. Originally part of a row of three traps, I broke one off to use it on the base. I also repositioned the claws on its left foot to grip the fractured rockrete, giving the impression that the robot is traversing over it.

With the other two Vorax models, posing them is a breeze. The weapon ammo feeds and cables can be heated up and easily bent into position, allowing for dynamic and customized poses.

Orange is the new blue

By assigning the Vorax to the legion, the Mechanicum emphasizes their close ties rather than treating them as mere allies. To visually represent this relationship, I chose to deviate from the standard Ultramarine scheme. Opting for a mechanicum orange color not only differentiates the Vorax but also adds a unique flair. However, I wanted to maintain a visual connection to the legion, so I incorporated the iconic cobalt blue through carapace unit markings and head color. This combination of colors not only helps the Vorax stand out but also ensures their seamless integration within the overall force.

Although I think it’s possible to take another three and increase the unit to six Vorax I personally feel it would be overkill and if I was to add any more automata to the Ultramarines I would rather add a different class for variety. Either way these have been one of my favourite units to both construct and paint. Fiddly yes, but super rewarding.