Every army needs a centrepiece miniature. That miniature is the Word Bearers legion Falchion super-heavy tank. Twin titan-killing volcano cannons mounted on a gargantuan chassis. Of the three legion super-heavy variants the Falchion was initially my least favourite, but after building one I found I preferred the brutish slab sided look of this self-propelled monster to that of it’s more sleek looking kin, the Fellblade and Glaive.

The Falchion’s numerous flat panels provided an excellent canvas for showcasing the intricate iconography and blocks of script unique to the Word Bearers. Its design perfectly complemented the red and black palette that characterizes the legion’s aesthetic.

Decal application

When it comes to applying decals on heresy tanks, or any kits for that matter, my best advice is to apply them as early as possible, preferably before any atmospheric weathering or battle damage. By doing so, you can make the decals appear as if they are an integral part of the vehicle, rather than something that is merely ‘stuck’ on afterwards.

The key is to create layers both above and below the decal, revealing underlying paintwork, damage, and the dirt and grime that accumulate over time. That’s why I prefer to add decals early in the painting process.

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve come across incredibly well-built and painted kits, only to have the immersion spoiled by impeccably clean decals applied on top of weathering. To achieve a more realistic result, a little varnish and some nuanced oil streaks can make a world of difference in transforming the final appearance.

I’ve already assembled a Fellblade for the VIth Legion, and the only one left for me to build is a Glaive. Currently, I don’t have a dedicated spot for it, but I can’t deny that the Glaive’s Volkite Connonade main gun looks absolutely amazing. It’s just a matter of time until I find a suitable home and a compelling reason to complete the trio.

Addendum: Forgeworld have re-tooled all three kits now to make use of the plastic sponson options introduced with the Spartan and Cerberus. Whilst not the full-blown re-tooling to all plastic I long for, it still keeps the Glaive on my wish list, more so now I have an inkling which legion would suit it best.