Where do I even begin trying to summarise a year like 2020? Trying to do so without addressing the elephant in the room would be impossible, so all I’ll say is the restrictions and measures we all had to face had an undeniable impact on how much time I spent hobbying. It started off well enough with a good amount of painting completed for my Vlka Fenryka and Star Wars Legion. I added a legion Javelin and Contemptor with volkite to ‘the Rout’ and reinforced my Imperial forces with an AT-ST. I also finally cracked the seal on the Republic and Separatist starter set and realised that the federation battle droid plastic kits are not only good, but really good.

Same goes for the Droideka, but those are for another time. Legion is still a game I very much like and even though Fantasy Flight passed on development to another in 2020 I’m hopeful it will continue to produce great releases from the Star Wars universe for they are very much part of my plans for 2021.

Aeronautica unleashed

Summer saw me delve back into Epic scale again (sorry, can’t help looking at it that way) with the new Aeronautica starter set and Imperial releases. It gave me the excuse to add another squadron and colour scheme, add more Thunderbolt’s but this time throw in the new Voss pattern Lightning. I absolutely loved assembling this kit which went together like a dream. In total three ‘bolts’ a wing if Lightnings and a pair of Marauder Destroyers formed the initial air wing. The palette I created was initially greyscale, the colour only being added through the addition of a coat of Tamiya clear green and a light highlight of German uniform feldgrau (field grey). I included mephiston red for the tail fins and a pale blue-grey for the underbelly colour.

Aeronautica Imperialis miniatures on display in a cabinet

Outside of wargaming I haven’t really featured scale-modelling in the blog, however that is about to change in 2021

Summer also gifted us with the release of 9th edition Warhammer 40K and an excuse to construct a Necron army. It’s not like I needed much of an excuse having started one back in 4th edition, but the plethora of new designs really appealed to me. The Necrons in Indomitus plus a few sets from Forgebane were more of less my last fling at painting anything as soon after the UK increasingly went back into sporadic lockdowns.

I press the pause button

Work and wellbeing took centre stage and other than a fair bit of kit-building that was more or less it for the rest of the year. Live streams came to a conclusion and the workshop was converted to an office by necessity.

Warhammer 40,000 Necron collection on display

Now the year is finally over I’m looking to the future and hopefully a return to painting. Like a lot of things that have changed as a result of the past twelve months it won’t quite be a return to exactly what came before. I will however enjoy discovering where the year takes me and hope to share some of that journey right here.

I hope you all have a great 2021.