Word Bearers are treacherous, so they need a treacherous transport. In fact they need three Terrax pattern legion Termite tunnelers.

When considering transports for my World Bearers, the Terrax pattern Termite from Forgeworld quickly rose to the top of a very short list. I wanted to do something different from my previous legion, the Ultramarines, and the release of the Termite seemed like the perfect opportunity to shake up the dynamics of my attacking force. The idea of deep-striking Termites supported by summoned daemons was simply too much fun to ignore.

As a kit, the Termite is incredibly well-designed, featuring easily accessible sub-assemblies that make it a pleasure to paint. To enhance its versatility, I embedded a cylinder magnet into the hull of each Termite, allowing for magnetization to the base. This meant I could deploy the Termite on its base and then leave the base behind as an exit marker (which counts as dangerous terrain) after the transport moves off. This concept turned out to be very popular among fellow hobbyists.

The ability of the Termite to trundle along after arrival is another feature that sets it apart from drop pod deployment. Additionally, the pintle weapons, especially the heavy flamers, prove to be a valuable addition. To maximize their flexibility, I also magnetized these weapons, allowing them to pivot in their mounts and providing me with various loadout options.

To emphasise the wear and tear on the hull I applied patches of steel in between the layers of clear red. This added to the bleached out appearance of the armour. This also gave me a base over which to add bands of yellow, purple and blue ink to simulate heat burnishing from the thruster and melta cutters. 

Cold steel

o create contrast with the red and black armor, I worked on the metals in the propulsion section to introduce a cold blue tone. I used emerald green as the base for this, shading it with model color red black and blue ink. Then, I re-highlighted it with chrome to achieve an overall cold cast finish.

This particular part of the miniature is my personal favorite, even after painting three of them for the Word Bearers. I would happily build and paint more of these little tunnelers, but it seems unlikely as they currently occupy my entire fast attack section. If I were to collect more for other legions, I would essentially be repeating myself. Therefore, I will content myself with my small infiltration cadre of traitors and the mischief they can cause.

Until next time.

Forgeworld Termite transports interiors being painted

Addendum: Yes I painted the interior detailing, I’m surprised you asked. Seemed rude not to after the designer went to trouble of including it.