Even for something as big as a Titan there’s the concept of an apex predator. That’s the space my Legio Mortis Warhounds occupy. Fast-paced and agile (at least in the comparative terms of a god engine) Warhound princeps are often impetuous and aggressive. Hunting in packs Warhounds rely on their speed and mobility to outflank and harass engines many times their size, either wearing them down with hit and run strikes or driving them into the guns of bigger engines.

The Warhound kit comes with two models to a box and all available weapon options. This makes it ideal to magnetise, however the kit is not actually set up for that so some modifications will need to be made. I’ve done this for some legio Solaria engines which I’ll cover ‘how to’ in their own post, but similar to the Reaver ‘Opus Magnum’ I have built these two with fixed weapon choices so I could exploit the kits detail to the full, including the power cables.

To date I have given each and every ‘god engine’ its own name as is of course befitting such creations and used name plates printed by Versatile Terrain to bring that to life. I cannot recommend the quality of these enough and the customer service Keith provides. I’m actually considering using these on Knight banners as well in the future.

Carnis Ire and the Crimson King

I present the first two Warhounds of Legio Mortis. To help each stand out as unique I reversed the palette across both engines armour panels, a common and popular technique which really helps them stand out. The use of icons, stripes and other makings can also help. In fact there’s really no reason any two war engines need look the same, the possibilities are almost limitless to stamp when it comes to creating your own maniple. I may add more warhounds to Mortis, although it’s more likely I will feature them in greater numbers for titan legions that are renowned for using them, like Vulpa or Solaria, the latter especially. Mortis for me are all about the big engines and the hope that one day I can add the magnificence that’s ‘Dies Irae’.

Until that day, I hope you like the twins.