The Legio Mortis Warlord Victorix Magna is the second battle class engine added to my traitor maniple and is equipped using the alternative kit.

Warlord loadouts

The Mortis Ventrum is armed with twin Volcano cannons and Apocalypse launchers, while the Magna features the Sunfury plasma annihilator, carapace laser blasters, and an Arioch power claw. Both Warlords have magnetized weapon options, allowing for easy customization of loadouts. In fact, I have already tested swapping the Magna’s ‘Sunfury’ for one of the Ventrum’s volcano cannons.

After gaining some experience with the first couple of Warlord kits, I became more confident in understanding the limitations of leg and armor plate articulation. While the Ventrum is centered and poised for firing, I opted for a steady striding pose for the Victorix Magna, accentuating its weight through base effects and specifically modeling the right foot sinking into the ground.

Although it is game-ready, I still plan to revisit it for an additional pass of atmospheric weathering and, of course, the addition of the remaining weapon and legio banners.

There are now several different head options available between the two weapon frames, allowing for the creation of unique appearances for each war engine. For the Magna, I opted for the classic-influenced head as it pays homage to the aesthetics of the original game’s first prototype model, which I found incredibly cool.

Creating the base

To make the mass of the god engine more discernible in the model, I decided to partially sink the feet into the groundworks. To achieve this, I utilized blue builders foam insulation sheet to build up the height slightly. Using a hot wire cutter, I cut the foam into the desired size and then shaped it to have a natural and organic profile using sandpaper.

Once I had determined the pose, I dry-fitted the legs to the base and outlined the profile where the feet were meant to go using a marker. Next, I carefully cut away the foam to create a void for the feet to fit into. After ensuring that everything looked satisfactory, I added all the necessary detailing and textures to cover up any visible foam underpinning.