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Latest news

  • A small Reaver Titan from Legion Fureans in a hand.


Outriders and another Reaver are on the workbench this week.

All play and no work

After a few weeks of adulting, I had some time off to focus on hobby and a pair of recent

  • Legions Imperialis display

Legions reinforcements

It’s been a highs and lows hobby week. The highs being I’m getting at least some hobby in every day

  • Legions Imperialis Blood Angels demi-company

A thousand angels

Happy New Year! I came so close to getting the initial 1k points of Legions Imperialis done before the year

  • legions imperialis blood angels

Blood Angels week one

Legions Imperialis has been out just over a fortnight and most of the kits I pre-ordered for the game have

Legion Imperialis token tip

I really like the design of the Legion Imperialis order tokens that comes in the boxed set, but not the format of them which

  • Horus Heresy armies on display

Legions Imperialis launch weekend

I have played every version of Titanicus and Epic that Games Workshop has published. This weekend’s launch of Legions Imperialis

  • Legions Imperialis Thunderhawk

The calm before tiny Heresy

We are almost into the final countdown before Legions Imperialis lands and I can get an actual copy in my

  • epic scale ultramarines

Legions Imperialis full circle

After three long decades (and a few unplanned bonus months), the successor to the 1989 classic, ‘Space Marine’ is about

  • Epic metal Gargant

Siege of Terra delayed

Stand down, nothing to see here. The invasion has been postponed. Please return to your habs.

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